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A Custom Hinge Manufacturer and Quality Latch Manufacturer

Knuth Hinge, a quality hinge manufacturer and latch manufacturer provides precision hinges or latches—made in America—for prototype or small production projects.

For over 50 years, our engineering-focused company principals have been working with our customers to design and manufacture quality hinges and latches that meet their specific requirements.


Excellent Customer Service

We are a domestic hinge manufacturer and latch manufacturer with our own in-house tooling. This enables us to deliver the shortest possible lead-times for first articles and production quantities. We pass along the cost savings to our customers. At Knuth Hinge, we welcome orders of all different sizes and varieties, blanket orders, and especially prototype hinges, prototype latches, or small orders.

Our staff is committed to providing you with:

Personal attention to your project from start to finish
● A prompt response—24 hours or less—to your RFQ’s
● A "live" person to talk to (no voice mail)
● A flexible approach to meet your needs
● The shortest lead times

Hinge Manufacturer

As a precision custom hinge manufacturer, we make our own tooling and produce a wide variety of hinge types and sizes, including:
● Continuous Hinges
● Butt Hinges
● Slip Joint Hinges (Lift-off Hinges and Flag Hinges)
● Knife Hinges
● Strap and "T" Hinges
● Spring Loaded Hinges

These basic types can be modified in many ways, or we can make tooling to produce custom hinges for your specific needs. Our continuous hinges, butt hinges and slip joint hinges are most commonly made from cold roll, stainless steel or aluminum. We can produce hinges from virtually any desired metal or alloy, and with almost any type of finish.

Latch Manufacturer

In addition to manufacturing hinges, Knuth Hinge is a latch manufacturer, producing reliable and low cost latches such as:
Single Bolt Latches
● Double Bolt Latches (Quick Release Hinges)
● Cane Bolt Latches

Our single bolt latches, cane bolt latches and double bolt latches are available in a variety of materials, gauges, pin diameters and lengths. Latches can be produced with specialty treatments and coatings such as powder coating, anodizing and electro polishing. Custom sized latches and configurations are available on request.

Hinges and Latches produced with Close Tolerance Parts

As a quality hinge manufacturer, we produce close tolerance parts. Only Knuth Hinge punches the hole or piercing patterns into the hinge after forming to maintain ±.005 inch position tolerance. Total end play and side play can also be held to this same exacting tolerance.

Custom Hinges and Custom Latches Made to Order

In addition to manufacturing a wide selection of standard products, we provide our customers with a variety of custom hinge and custom latches items as well. An assortment of materials for hinge and latch production is available from stock, including:
● Stainless steel
● Aluminum
● Cold rolled steel

We provide specialty treatments and coatings such as:
● Powder coating
● Anodizing
● Electropolishing

If quality, reliability and service are important to you, please contact Knuth Hinge Company for your next project.

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